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Making sure potential customers find You!

Making your services &/or products known through a website? Good idea. But you want to make sure your website can actually be found. When there are millions of websites already, how do you ensure that yours is stands out from all the other websites? The key: "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO). Using SEO tactics, everything on the website revolves around the optimal return in search results. Three things are important when it comes to SEO: technology, subject matter (content) and authority. Let’s Build IT ensures that the appearance, design and search terms used on all of our websites will score as high as possible in search results.

A good start is half the battle…

Whether you want to work on your existing website or your new online business card, we don’t start with the technology right away. What are your products and / or services? To whom do you sell these? What is your target group looking for? What does your market look like? This is where the good start begins and half the battle is won! The strategy for every project is ultimately driven by these questions. There are a lot of useful tools to optimize your website. We could talk about this for hours, but let’s get to the point: Do you want good “findability”? Then we’ll arrange it for you!

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Advertising through searchengines and comparison site

Advertising via search engines and comparison sites = SEA. A proven method, SEA creates advertisements with keywords, in order to navigate the "searcher" (potential customer) to your service or product. Very effective and also cost efficient! Because SEA works via 'pay per click', you only pay when your ad is clicked.

But with SEA the possibilities are endless. How on earth do you organize everything? Answer: You don’t have to, just leave it to us. We know all the tricks to get the most out of your SEA campaign(s).

Thanks to our cooperation with Google and Bing, we offer optimal support and are able to respond quickly to the latest developments. This way, you stay ahead of your competitors. How far do you want to go? For you, we can cross borders (literally). But everything starts with you and your needs. We are happy to explain how we can make your goals a success in a way that you understand!

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Social media

Definitely a good idea. But what do you post? What can you do with it? And when?
Set up a Facebook page. Almost every company does that, because it is nice and simple (we think) and relatively easy. But what then? 'Like us'? And what comes after that? Perhaps you need to gather more knowledge to execute a Social Media strategy. The ultimate goal is to achieve leads, clicks, follows, downloads and sales. And it’s important that all of this comes from this one platform, right? Not necessarily! There is much more than just Facebook ... Though Facebook can be a useful platform, it might not be the right channel for your company. There are many other social media channels that can generate a lot more return: LinkedIn, Instagram or maybe even Snapchat. Using all channels will help to achieve the ROI. It does not have to be that difficult at all. You can just put us to the task and we’ll make sure it works! We build IT.

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Email marketing is still one of the strongest ways to keep in touch with your customers. Of course, this must be subtle and credible, because no one likes spam. Personal, relevant and high-quality e-mails sent to target audiences will prove the most effective. In this way, you won’t only gain customer loyalty, but you’ll also see positive results in your turnover. "Okay apparently I have to do that anyway". Yes, we certainly recommend that. "But how?" Leave that up to us, we can tell you how!

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Is short for "Conversion Rate Optimization". That's a mouthful, isn’t it? Simply explained, this means the optimal design of a website, webshop or other web applications based on user information and data.

Getting tons of visitors to your site is already an achievement, but it gets really interesting when you’re persuading those visitors to act. In the end, web success is all about getting them that far. CRO has everything to do with that. This is a return on your investment.

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