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20 Jaar Of experience and 750+ customers Nice to mee you! At Let's build IT we translate the needs of the customer to a workable concept.

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Since 2000, we have provided our customers with the most diverse solutions and applications. For more than 18 years, we have been doing what we are good at ánd, especially, 'what we love to do'. We work on the most diverse assignments with passion, fascination, and enthusiasm.

At Let’s build IT we translate the clients’ needs into a workable concept. We listen to your needs, take their essence, and show you ánd your potential customers what you stand for. We are not afraid to take on complex challenges. Science also only knows its most important breakthroughs because people dared to think outside the box. We do not only strive for our own success, we strive for your success!

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Why those animals? Yes, perhaps we should give some explanation on those:


Designing and implementing creative solutions is a challenge that we like to take



Especially when developing software, it is important that it is solid and reliable. The elephant is the perfect symbol for this



A giraffe has a unique perspective on the world, just like us: we also look at solutions for our customers from a unique perspective

Team A short introduction Meet the team

We work for you

For every assignment, we put together the best team that fits your organisation and your problem – all under the same roof. This saves time and that is how we keep the quality of the work in our own hands. That is Let's build IT. For and by our great clients!